About Hoss Tree Farm

Providing Great Value in Tree Planting With Over 20 Years Experience

Hoss Tree Farm is a local nursery that ‘sprouted’ from our tree service business. We have been trimming, removing and planting trees since 1999 within the Northern Illinois area of Batavia, Aurora, Geneva, St. Charles, Elburn, DeKalb and surrounding towns in Illinois. We offer wholesale pricing to the public on all of our trees starting at $1000 for most trees. (This includes delivery, installation and warranty, plus full care instructions.)

Hoss Tree Farm utilizes specialized equipment that allows us to plant huge trees that weigh between 800 and 1400 pounds. This equipment resists damage to your yard under dry conditions and allows us to plant much larger trees with a huge savings on labor costs. We DO pass that savings on to you.

Many people are interested in planting trees on their property to add to their existing landscape and home value. Others want to replace trees due to age, storm damage, or just poor location. There are some basic needs that we make sure are met in order for your new trees to take root and thrive. Most importantly, your new tree must be grown by a local nursery. By the time it has been planted on your property, your new tree already has adapted to local climate and soil conditions.

Many of our competitors purchase their stock from wholesalers in warmer states that have longer growing seasons. The only one that benefits in this situation is the company selling you an inferior tree at a higher profit margin. After planting, these trees have a much harder time acclimating themselves to our extreme, Midwest weather conditions.

We recognized very early on that there are some universal concerns when people are purchasing trees from nurseries and landscape companies: First, the size of the trees that are being planted. Second, the cost for a relatively small tree. Most people do not want to wait for these new trees to grow to a substantial size, and they don't want to pay too much for too small a tree.

We have built our company on one very simple principal, "We spend your money like it is our money." We NEVER take our customers for granted, and do whatever it takes to ensure your satisfaction. This is a family owned and operated business. We understand just how important it is to operate our business with integrity and stand behind our products and services.

We offer a large variety of trees, however, we also recognize that you might have needs that are outside of our 11 acre farm stock. If there's a particular type of tree that we do not carry, we have relationships with other wholesalers in the area. So in most cases, we can get you the locally grown tree you want at an affordable price.

Hoss Tree Farm is here to serve you, and we take every opportunity to earn your business!

If you have any questions, please call us at (630) 389-9929 or email us.

Thanks and blessings to you, our customer. - Brett & Tina Kristensen